5 Habits of Successful Fortune Builders Entrepreneurs

5 Habits of Successful Fortune Builders Entrepreneurs

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1. Master Your Craft – Action is the key to refine your business and achieve your results. Implement the FB systems, follow the Core Curriculum and utilize the resources & tools. Follow every action step in your custom-designed plan as each one builds upon the next to get you closer to your goals. Appreciate that repetition is necessary to develop skillsets.
2. Stay Plugged In – Stay connected to our coaches, your FB network, the Mastery site and live events. Leverage the
network and the experience of other successful investors to accelerate your success.
3. Attitude – Determines Your Altitude Maintain a positive, healthy mindset. Embrace challenges as they are a
necessary part of growth. Be grateful for the lessons you learn, the people in your network and the goals you achieve.
Be open to receiving as well as providing feedback to help in your proficiency and the enhancement of the Mastery
4. Stay the Course – Use your “why” as a driving force. Persist in the face of setbacks so you can move closer to
personal and professional goals. Reach out for help if you need it. Consistent eoffrt in your daily, weekly and monthly
routines and stepping outside of your comfort zone is the path to entrepreneurship.
5. Pay It Forward – Support people in your personal and professional network. Be a solutions provider. Focus on people first and the results & profits follow. Help others by sharing your success.

Live by these principles and success will follow


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